David Kayitana Lui for Andreas Feet

David Kayitana Lui for Andreas Feet

I became acquainted with Andreas whilst visiting family in London, back in 2017. He then worked for Huntsman as the Senior Client Manager and prior to that as an Assistant Production Manager for Richard James. After eight years of living in London and Munich he returned to his hometown Bergen and launched his own Made to Measure and Bespoke concept.

So off I went to Bergen to catch up with my friend and to have a fitting for a shirt. I commissioned a white dress shirt, with rounded cuffs and a turndown collar.

Why a white shirt you ask? Other than being the fundamental wardrobe staple that any man should have, I lacked a proper single cuffed white dress shirt with an accurate fit. So I opted for a proper white shirt with single rounded cuffs, to be worn in more smart-casual settings. 

David hanging up his white shirt.

I will more likely wear this shirt with suits and odd jackets and perhaps fine merino knitwear, but primarily in more dressy occasions with a tie. It is nice to have things in order and have certain items for its place and time. You know that shirt that will go in the everything-in-between column, the go-to item that will look good with almost anything.

The thing is, a double-cuffed shirt in the wardrobe is quite nice to have, I would actually urge you to find one, you get to wear on those formal soirées and festivities . It is also a nice excuse to wear cufflinks and a nice watch, witch in my opinion is the universal way for a man to wear jewellery.

Personally, I like the Italian style, placing the single button low on the cuff, and close to its edge, making the whole look smoother, this allows the cuff to open more easily and the wrist to move with more freedom. On shirt-collars; I usually avoid anything to pointy or to wide, and do my best to choose a collar that is in proportion to my face and neck.

Folded white shirt on table.

I have long arms, rounded shoulders and a small waist, I’ve a had difficulties finding the right shirt that fit into the aforementioned defeats, and often ending up with a shirt that is halfway satisfying, or more or less sufficient. My latest shirt is simply put, sport-on and I am quite satisfied with the results.

Andreas does not have minimum orders and usually operates with one or two fittings. It is visible that Andreas knows what he is doing, his years working at the Row has come in hand, he is accurate, soft and have a trained eye for detail. More importantly, a fine man who is passionated about his job and always there to comply the requirements his clients.